Important Louisville Center for Spiritual Living Location and Service Time Change Below


We're Excited! Join Us for Harmony, Peace, & Community!!!
10:30AM - 11:30AM
300 Spring St. Jeffersonville, IN

Direction from your location

300 Spring Street is both the address and the Name of the building. There is ample free parking on three sides of the building.

Enter through the second set of double doors from the corner. Our space is in the basement, which is easily accessible by an elevator or stairs. The elevator is within about five steps of our entrance to the building.


We, at the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living, welcome all who have a desire to learn and experience more around how to live the lives they truly desire. Our founder, Ernest Holmes, taught that we are each unique expressions of Spirit. Our classes and services are directed at helping us to know and feel the uniqueness we are; to discover and express our personal gifts. We are a love based philosophy and enjoy a warm loving community. Some have called us an alternative to a traditional church. We simply strive to embrace all, and judge none, appreciating that each has his or her own blessings to share. Come visit and see if you are called to join us! Rev. Carolyn Harvill




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