Minister's Corner

Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind text, called it "the warmth and color of God."  As we learn the principles of the Science of Mind philosophy, we can sometimes feel like it is all up to us.  And we equate that 'us' to our minds and how we use them.  That is true, but as Paul Harvey said, "now for the rest of the story."

That which created us is also our very life in every moment.  We are not separated from the Creator, we are expressions of the Creator.  We are at the core of our being Spirit expressing.  What this means is that we have all the knowledge, wisdom, strength, power, sourcing, peace, etc. etc. that we will ever need or desire.

Because we are restricted by the facts that we live in a world of relativity and are constrained with a language that reflects that, the easiest way to think of all this is that we have 'split' personalities.  At our core or heart center or truth of our beings, we are Spirit and we are without limitation connected to the Source of All - at all times and in all ways.  In our minds, we forget that and get all hung up on appearances, history, and past understanding.  The journey that we are on and that will take our lifetime and more, is the twelve inches from head to heart.   The journey from what we see to what we are. 

Our focus is to know that the wisdom, comfort, love we desire is only a few inches, a shift in awareness, away.

We invite all to come and explore ways to take the move from what we see to what we feel and know in our hearts.

The video is a beautiful interpretation and visual to what we believe.

Much love and great blessings,

Rev. Carolyn