Reverend Carolyn Harvill

Rev. Carolyn graduated from Holmes Institute with a Masters in Consciousness Studies in June of 2008. She and the Gold Key Study Group of Louisville had been talking about her coming to the Louisville area to be their minister. On August 6, 2008, Carolyn passed her panels at the Asilomar Retreat Center in Monterrey, CA and became a Religious Science Minister. On August 28, she and her partner Bob moved into their new home across the downtown bridge from Louisville, Kentucky, in Jeffersonville, IN.

This is just the next step in a long journey. Carolyn has been active in her spiritual journey for a long time and has had a very ecumenical road to travel. Born and raised Southern Baptist, she became Episcopalian by marriage and practice while raising two beautiful children.

When her search started in earnest as a result of losing a close friend and asking, “What is this all about? Is there a God and if so how can all the suffering be allowed,” Carolyn explored deepening her Episcopal experience, became a part of an Evangelical community, was licensed through a Catholic program and became a Spiritual Director, walked on fire and just lots of fun stuff. Then she ‘came home’ to Religious Science. Her experience was like it is for so many others, when she sat in her first service she knew she had come home. She has been insatiable in her quest to know more, experience more and live more of the principles that have changed her life. Her corporate life, her speaking career and just the breadth of her search have prepared her well for this next part of the journey – Minister. What joy it is for her to be here in this place with these people sharing love, encouragement and knowledge. One of her favorite quotes from Ernest Holmes is, “Believing in God, a person is compelled to believe in oneself.” A lifelong journey with twists and turns and oh such fun!