The Science of Mind is not a special revelation of any individual; it is rather the culmination of all revelations.  Ernest Holmes

We teach...

...that the basic principles of Science of Mind and Spirit are Love and Law.

...that there is only one power, the power of Love which is the power of God, and that there is an all-powerful Law that responds to our thinking.

...that Spirit is the Source of our ever flowing, unlimited good and Its nature is to give. But it can only give as much as we are open to receiving. This is the spiritual Law of Attraction.

...that there is a Golden Thread of Spiritual Truth that weaves through the world’s Faith traditions. That among these threads of truth we understand the Oneness of God is found in Its creation, that the power of Love heals, and that we live, move and have our very being in pure Spirit. Because of this we blend the rich and diverse experiences of spiritual tradition to honor the many paths to God.

...that this philosophy is a “science” since it is based on spiritual laws. Just as there are natural laws of physics which govern the physical world, there are spiritual laws that control our lives. These principles are as impersonal as gravity and electricity and whether we are aware or not, we are using them constantly.

...through this teaching, we make intentional and constructive use of spiritual principles and thus we are set free.

...that every person is a magnificent expression of the Spirit – the One Life – and that each is endowed with unique qualities, gifts and talents for life expression and for making a difference in this world. As our logo symbolizes, we are each spiritual beings on a pathway of ever greater spiritual self-realization … that we are here to “stand forth and shine!”

Ernest Holmes Mystical Experience

Biographical Commentary by Rev. Don Mcart