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Know that we are a new community, being called together to share the wonderful Science of Mind philosophy in the context of a loving, tolerant, creative, and enthusiastic community.

Rev. Carolyn Harvill is our Founding Minister -

Vicky Jeter, LSP is our Founding Practitioner - 502-413-6526,

Our Practitioners

Bev Ihinger, LSP - 602-332-8496,

Pat Ferguson, LSP - 502-432-5352,

Tammy Seppenfield, LSP

Rev. Cindy Shellum, LSP - 205-527-3577,

Brenda Hornung, LSP


We're Excited! Join Us for Harmony, Peace, & Community!!!
10:30AM - 11:30AM
300 Spring St. Jeffersonville, IN

300 Spring Street is both the address and the Name of the building. There is ample free parking on three sides of the building.

Enter through the second set of double doors from the corner. Our space is in the basement, which is easily accessible by an elevator or stairs. The elevator is within about five steps of our entrance to the building.


Our current office address is:

222 West Park Place
Jeffersonville, IN  47130

If you need additional help please call 502-413-6526.