Vicky Jeter, LSP

Cindy Shellum

Vicky has been a practitioner for 24 years, beginning in Rev. Jesse Jennings center in Texas. When she moved to Louisville in 2006, she started the Science of Mind study group that has become LCSL, with the help of dedicated community members and Rev. Carolyn.

Having been born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy (today I use a cane to walk), I work with a particular awareness and compassion for considerations from birth. I am in an extensive training program regarding the effects of birth trauma. I am a published author of poems, articles and short stories. I live with my husband of seventeen years, in Louisville, Kentucky.
Here is my philosophy in a nutshell: There is a Way that Life works. Life shows the way all around us, within us. The teaching is as close as the beating of every heart. The key to discovering the way unique to each individual, yet common in the collective, is in sharpening earthly senses with intention--not only to see, but to look; not only to hear, but to listen; not only to feel, but to have the courage to embrace relationship. It is opening the mind to be shown, softening the heart to be touched, allowing a willingness of Spirit to be drawn through the gateway of unlimited possibility.

Vicky is available and very pleased to partner Spirit through you to build the experiences and the life of your dreams.