Rev. Cindy Shellum, LSP

Cindy Shellum

It is my honor and joy to serve you and the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living with my prayer and knowing.

I currently live in the Birmingham, Alabama, place in God. I encountered the Science of Mind teachings in 1984 in Houston, Texas, and first licensed as a Practitioner in 1987. Now I am a UCSL Licensed Minister. One thing I have learned pursuing studies through what is affectionately termed “distance learning” is that there truly is no distance in God. The Internet, CD’s, cell phones, Skype; how wonderfully God has made itself manifest in these technologies that represent the One Mind in form and action.

My personal statement of purpose is: To teach the tools, support the activities and love the process by which divinity is revealed in the individual.

I would be happy to arrange individual Practitioner sessions to support your dance of life. I know you are the divine expressing in beauty and grace and I look forward to the revelation of that fact in your experience. Contact me by phone at (205)527-3577 or by email at