Services We Offer

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Classes and Events: are listed on the Events Button.

Bookstore: Our bookstore offers books for our classes and books to support our Sunday talks, as well as providing books by our Founder, Ernest Holmes, and other New Thought authors. Books not currently on our shelves, can be special-ordered, Pricing is competitive and often less than can be found at other locations.


Big Stuff - this is an email update that comes out when news is available. It is to give us the opportunity to share what is going on in our lives with others. This is where we talk about trips, grandchildren, moves, and whatever is big in our lives at the moment.
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Directory - This password protected directory gives us a great resource for finding out how to contact those we have met at the Center. Pictures are included where available. If you would like to be a part of our directory, please contact Rev. Carolyn at

Weekly Email Update - Stay connected, know what is happening, get inspiration and share thoughts that support the Sunday talks.
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